Build privacy-preserving apps in minutes using Affinidi's Command Line Interface


How to get started?

How I get started?Follow these steps to start using the tool:

1. Install git on your machine
2. Install NodeJs (it's recommended to use nvm)
3. Run the installation command: npm install -g @affinidi/cli

Need help getting started?

COmmand line interface

What can I achieve with this tool?

Using Affinidi CLI you can:

1. Create and manage your Affinidi account
2. Create projects
3. Access and manage your API keys
4. Create and manage schemas
5. Bulk issue, Manage and send VCs
6. Generate a reference app

and more!

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Command line interface

Our Reference App

Do you want an end-to-end example of an application that uses Affinidi APIs? You can generate a reference app directly from the extension. It includes such features such as issuing, claiming, storing and verifying credentials.

Just click "Certification & Verification" button in the "App Generators" category to get started.

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